What makes chess an amazing game?

I once asked a chess master this question and he struggled to give me a compelling answer.. but as a design-focused frontend engineer, I have thought deeply about it.

Chess is exquisite. Each side is perfectly balanced. I think the secret is that the…

He was a skater boy. She said we need a state container, boy. He asked “why though? Are you sure this app is big enough to warrant adding another layer of complexity to our codebase? And if we’re going to do this, which one should we use?”

and there I…

On March 6th of 2018 Qualtrics, a software company used by 75% of today’s fortune 500 companies, opened their conference with the following sentence:

“Turn customers into fanatics. Employees into ambassadors. Products into obsessions. And brands into religions.”

They were acquired by SAP for $8 billion directly after this conference.

How do we turn our products into obsessions?

Zachary Williams

Frontend engineer, coffee enthusiast, & cat whisperer all rolled into one

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